Welcome to the Stargame!

Tutorial / Beginner course

First off the link to the tutorial for all newcomers:


It's all about hope here. The more hope your Starly has, the bigger and brighter it gets!


Here you can travel to different areas in the universe. Every region offers different objectives. E.g. you gather dust at the Milky Way, while you gather rays at the sun, or stop by the Man in the Moon.

Cosmic dust

You can find dust in all areas, but not everywhere it's easily prospected. The most profitable areas tend to be also the most dangerous ones and your Starly could hurt itself. Best to start in an easy area and fill your pockets a little. Don't be shy, even if it doesn't happen the first time, the more often you visit, the better you will get to know the area and the less dangerous it will be in the end.


Injuries hurt and interfere the Starly with it's work. They heal itself (One point per minute) or can be healed with cosmic dust instantly. If your Starly has more than 100% damage it wouldn't even make sense to start anything.


The sun is a never ending energy source where you can regularly gather rays and use them to create Aurorae on eath for example.


Chadra is a huge black hole in the center of the galaxy. Every material gets sucked into, squeesed and converted into pure energie. Not the friendliest place, but there may be a secret...


Constellations happen, when several Starlies come togehter so they are not alone. They can illuminate the constellation with their rays or even create entire planets if they can gather enough dust!


The Stargame is a project by Yhoko.com.