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Breaking News!

A super excited Starly whirls around waving it's hand with the latest newspaper in it's hand. As soon as gets close to you, it rattles down the news:

Design select 16. June 2014
The Stargame got a completely new appearance! Check out your "Settings" page to find your preferred design. starly.yhoko.com/settings/
Stargame Yotto 16. June 2013
Win tons of dust in our new weekly lottery! - www.yhoko.com/yotto/starly/
Awaken! Soon. 17. December 2011
It's almost time; on 1/1/2012 the mysteries "Awaken" will happen. But you will already have the possibility to create a new Starly with the option for "Betatest". By activly participating in the beta you can help to find the right balance for the game and hence improve it - in return for some gaming fun because it's still in development. These Beta-Starlies can be played after "Awaken" happens and give you a little head start.
First one! 19. November 2011
Today our diligent Starly Conny has managed to reach level 100 in training. Nobody sparkles as beautiful as Conny, congratulation!
New story 19. October 2011
A new beautiful Starlystory by Kitty_Vampire is now available.
Donator bonus 1. September 2011
Claim one of the top donator spots and receive more in the Stargame! The top 10 donators will now find up to 100% more dust and the top 3 donators will also find up to 3rays while gathering!
Improved highscore 28. August 2011
The higscore now also shows the ranks below you, so you can keep and eye on your competitioners.
Healer records 18. August 2011
Heads up healer starlies! With the new statistic at [Y.en] starly/healed/ you will now see whom you helped how much already. Addionally you can see the top healing Starlylies and patients via [Y.en] starly/highscore/
More Highscore-points 17. July 2011
Hardworking training-Starlies now get rewarded better. Speed, illumination and fascination have been greatly increased in points received for the highscore. Enjoy your extra points and have fun training!
Deleted statistics 27. June 2011
Due to a small mistake every statistics got deleted, which also affected the Stargame-statistics. The Problem has been solved and are working again starting today.
Sell books better 6. April 2011
Good news for all authors: In order for your work to pay off a little bit more you will get a base price of 100dust per sold book. So don't forget to collect your profit every so often!
Ideas for easter 28. March 2011
Easter is comming soon and we are looking for ideas on what to do - please post your ideas in this topic: forum.yhoko.com/.../sternchenspiel_oster_event/
Ideas, pointers and suggestions. 9. March 2011
...can be posted in the new topic for the Stargame. Just drop by here forum.yhoko.com/.../vorschlaege_zum_sternchenspiel/
Starbook 2. March 2011
The Stargame is also represented at Facebook! Liking it? Show it off here: [http] www.facebook.com/pages/Sternchenspiel/155993584435279
Bigger constellations 1. March 2011
Because of multiple request space in constellation has been increased again - that the maximum though ;-)
Planet names 16. February 2011
All planets can now be named! (there was also a rounding error fixed in the highscore)
Constellation rankings 4. February 2011
In the constellation-higscore planets have a value of 2'000 points (Rays are still 1 point).
Online display 4. February 2011
In the Starly list as well as in your constellation you can now see who is online and who isn't. For your convenience the Chat-Box will now also show at first glance if a comment was posted as Yuser or Starly.
Planets! 31. January 2011
The planet constructions may begin! Starting now every constellation can build various planets. The planets offer different special effects such as healing free of cost, more highscore points or an extra Neutrino. Each planet can be upgraded to level 6. Have fun with this big update!
100% intensity 29. January 2011
The first constellation has reached 100% illumination! It's name is "Et Cetera", has currently 10 Starlies and has collected 10,000rays in record time. Congratulation!
Telescope 17. January 2011
The telescope is now in stores. It works almost the same as the Stoppwatch and will let you be up to date on the current Shooting Starly from everywhere!
More space for constellations 16. January 2011
Battle of widescreens! The constellations have gotten higher (500 x 500 pixel) so you have enough space to create your constellations.
New Story 12. January 2011
A new Starly-Story is now avaiable at the booth written by Pralevia!
New record lists 27. December 2010
The highscores have been updated! From now on Starlies with the same values will share the same rank. This system offers new players a better overview over their next advancement.
English translation complete 28. November 2010
Gates open to players worldwide! Thanks to our diligent user "Dread" the Stargame is now also available in english (there still are some sentences in german with the Neutrinos, which will receive an update soon). So in case you got some friends that aren't speaking german but may want to play, now you can invite them to the Stargame!
New weblinks for Starlies 27. October 2010
Attention: Links to Starlies needs to be replaced. In case you have linked your Starlies somewhere you will need to change that accordingly. To be specific the /starly/ has been replaced with /char/.
Ad board 25. October 2010
A giant Ad-board has been placed in space where you can leave messages, like advertising for your constellation, for public viewing.
New equipment 9. October 2010
The Chronomate is now available at the Man in the Moon. This mysterious item lets you completely skip the waiting time for the next dust gathering. Fascinating.
Damage 29. September 2010
The damage system to train without dropping from exhaustion has been loosened up a little. Contrary you can now sustain damge in the Blackwater and waste your effort.
Great treasures 26. September 2010
The Blackwater now also offers (rare) items to found. Furthermore, Ted has his eyes on a very special treasure...
Special bonus 25. September 2010
Yclub-Members now receive 25% rebate on all items avaiable at the Man in the Moon and the Space-Booth (does not include books).
Constellation's chat 23. September 2010
In the chat menu Starlies of the same constellation can now also talk to just those members.
Chat box 22. September 2010
Via the menu "Chat" Starlies can now talk with each other.
Additional 22. September 2010
The collected experience will now also be considered into the total rankings.
Total rankings 21. September 2010
In the highscores are now total rankings, which consists of various factors (the exact numbers are shown right below).
Statistics 15. September 2010
Each Starly now has their very own statistic about dust, ray and hope income in their profile. Shown gets the daily value up to the past 30 days.
More Starly Stories 12. September 2010
Three new Starly-Stories have made their way into the booth: Das Aschensternchen, Schneesternchen und die 7 Neutrinos und die interaktive Piratenstory von Corty Janneks - enjoy!
Starly Stories 9. September 2010
In the Space-Booth (who hasn't found it yet should start looking for it now) you can now purchase books and collect them in your new bookshelf (don't forget to dust off on a regular basis ;-) Who now has a nice story up his or her sleeve is invited to send itin!
The Wormhole 2. September 2010
For some Starlies (with 2 or more Neutrinos) a big wormhole has appeared on the travel map. Find out what it's all about!
Onwaaard! 27. August 2010
The visual has received a new element: rounded corners for message boxes and action buttons. Whoever doesn't like the rounded corners can deactivate them under "Settings" where you can also fix the background.
More Starlies 24. August 2010
Bored? From now on you can play multiple Starlies at once! Of course not simultaneously but via "Manage" you can assign your active Starly.
Vote 18. August 2010
The Stargame has been registered with a few Browsergames-Indexes. Once per day the buttons will appear so you can vote! :-)
New equipment 9. August 2010
A second equipment shop is now available! Where exactly is for you to find out :-) Additional there are a few new items to be had.
Invite friends 3. August 2010
Starting now you can refer friends with your link. If they play you will receive a bonus!
Beta over 1. August 2010
The beta is over - all Starlies and Constellations are being kept in a disabled state.
New story 22. March 2010
The space booth has a new book available, enjoy reading! Or good luck finding the booth if you haven't found it yet :o)
Heal Starly 7. March 2010
Now you can help your fellow Starlies by healing their wounds! The new function is located at "Heal" where you can now (if available) heal other injured Starlies.